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We are a digital marketing agency that helps growing businesses unlock ROI by solving high-value attribution, automation and analytical errors hidden in their data silos.

What We Do


The foundation of any
revenue-generating marketing funnel is a competition-proof digital marketing strategy. Omnichannel from Day 1.



Most businesses only
have two levers for growth:
Spend more time, or spend more money.
Marketing automation replaces both.



The revenue hidden in your data can be unlocked with an information integration system that turns your spreadsheets into real-time dashboards.


Digital Process: How We Work



Analyse your systems.

In the first month, we dedicate our time and effort to getting to know your systems intimately. We analyse your setup for possible errors and opportunities. We work in synchronic order to utilise Adwords, Google Analytics, and Facebook, in order to weave effective recommendations for you.


Structure your systems.

We take to heart your business objectives and make sure that the solutions we offer are flexible and suited to your business needs. In this next phase, we put structure to your systems, to make sure that your core is strong and stable enough to withstand automation. We guarantee regular updates, and every team member is available for any questions, until you are ready to launch your campaign.


Implement and optimise.


All that data flow has to go somewhere. In this final phase, we integrate all the necessary information into dashboards that are effective and easy to understand and use. Any new tech that we implement undergoes rigorous vetting for quality assurance, to avoid any downtime that can impact your business. We leave you with a system that is lean, standardised, but also constantly improving — Kaizen to 3x your performance.

We make sure you are on top of the most recent developments

Marketing Trends Reshaping Beauty Industry

The extensive social distancing measures imposed across the world have forced most businesses to shift into a teleworking environment, which they were in no way prepared for. This dynamic nature of the situation has created much uncertainty for the employees as they find themselves completely lost on how to cope with the changes and continue working in such conditions.
Managing a remote digital marketing team and constantly motivating them to work at their full productivity amidst all of this can be extremely difficult. Yet, working on all such challenges with optimism and creativity can help find a way out.

What to expect when Facebook imposes limits on the number of ads per page?

    As a marketer, you need to think outside of the box, but Facebook will make you move the limits to achieve top performance. Some new announcements Facebook made are celebrated among people living and breathing digital marketing, however, others are changing the...

B2B marketing automation – getting your sales team to love it and recognise the value

One of the main obstacles for B2B marketers is to get sales onboard with the value that can be derived from marketing. Marketing automation and managing website traffic and behavior on the individual level is changing that completely right now. It is estimated that...

2021 Match Type Updates – Everything You Need To Know

The recent change on Match Types introduced by Google is most likely the biggest one in the past few years. If you are living and breathing digital marketing, you probably already read all about it, as this is one of the hottest topics at the moment. That being said,...

Top 10 Google Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Google Shopping is bound to emerge as an important go-to channel for marketers, especially considering that the global online advertising spending is expected to reach $327.28 billion in 2019 for the reason that the key to selling online is to get your products in...

Facebook ads – what you need to know in 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 was a turbulent year for advertisers. What to expect for 2021 is a mystery to a large extent. But there are a few things that are likely to happen and that advertisers should factor in.  Here are some of our predictions for 2021 and...

2021 Resolutions: Get the most of the Google Ads

As every new year continues to be more progressive than the year before, 2020 was the most influential year on digital marketing development ever. It certainly does not change the fact that the digital marketer of 2021 needs to address constant adaptation to new...

SEM Trends You Need to Know in 2021

  2021 will be a new year and hopefully better year for all businesses, not just e-commerce companies! Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will continue still be on the top shelf for sales related campaign efforts, but there are several technological and behavioural...

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Case Studies

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What our clients say about us

“Digital Excellence is a strong partner who manages to simplify what we consider to be gibberish. Our sales and business are growing steadily every week thanks to Digital Excellence. They have my warmest recommendations.”

- Eric Thürmer, Danish Tools

“As part of our marketing objectives, it is critically important that we continuously work on improving the effectiveness of our online campaigns. Digital Excellence understands our needs and provides us with stellar professional display creatives that give us branding consistency and incremental performance uplifts.”

- Thomas Røhr Kristiansen, Dating.dk

“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter and Digital Excellence for two years now. They have helped in organising and developing our AdWords campaigns in the US and Sweden. We have seen a rise of 170% in CTR during this period. With our offline conversion tracking setup, we can now connect our online marketing costs with the revenue our sales team is driving and have full transparency of our return on ad-spend. Working with Peter is always inspiring. He is a great soundboard and he sees opportunities instead of barrriers. I can highly recommend Peter and Digital Excellence.”

- Lea Kerff Tjellesen, Pronestor

“I would like to extend my warmest recommendations to Peter and Digital Excellence. I have worked closely with Peter and his team to better reap the benefits of our online strategy. + We now have a set up that can easily be scaled back and forth according to what marketing objectives we have at specific times. We have seen solid results and can hereby highly recommend working Peter on online strategy and performance solutions for other startups and other companies with specific requirements.”

- Valerio Sandri, Minbildinbil

“Digital Excellence is a great partner. They always take the extra time to explain how things are working and what we can do ourselves to improve our webpage. They have optimized our online sale and given us the tools to be even more present online. We trust in Digital Excellence to always deliver the best result and give them our highest recommendations!”

— Charlotte Sundsvald Christensen, Rejsecenter Norge

“Digital Excellence knows how to scale revenue while optimising ROI. And that growth is getting better and better the more we work with Peter and his team. Always at the cutting edge of digital marketing, making sure we take advantage of the highest revenue generating strategies, we owe a significant part of our internationalisation and growth velocity to Peter's Digital Excellence.”

— Lasse. Nielsen RackBuddy

“We have worked closely with Digital Excellence for more than 7 years now across Search and Social Media and have produced solid results always. They understand the product and our business model, both on our home market as well as across markets abroad.If you are selling online, I recommend reaching out to Peter and his team.”

— Søren Christian Rix. Cofman

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