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With the digital ecosystem evolving towards a cookieless future, its important to ensure your business meets legal requirements and does right by the user while meeting your business objectives.

We’re experts in:

  • Reducing dependancy on third-party data: Setup to help clients move towards a future without third-party data.
  • Google Analytics 4 migration: The deadline for moving from Universal Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is just around the corner. Google has announced that businesses will eventually lose access to Google’s Universal Analytics and their data. Therefore, it’s critical companies make the switch to Google Analytics 4 soon, and do it right. We are experts in Google’s solutions and Analytics has always been at the core
  • Marketing compliance and ethics: Best-practice guidelines on frequency capping, remarketing, inclusion list targeting and GDPR.

“Digital Excellence are always at the cutting edge of digital marketing, making sure we take advantage of the highest revenue generating strategies.”

Lasse Nielsen
Owner and CEO

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