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Drive the right traffic with the right types of ads

Why is Paid Search Good for Your Business?

The answer is simple: Paid search boosts sales as it builds your brand.

Ads multiply your presence on search engines. Greater visibility increases traffic, which creates more interest in your products. Interest promotes lead growth, which, in turn, drives sales. In other words, paid search equals more conversions and more revenues. If you’re not yet using search ads for your marketing, you’re already behind.

Specialising in online marketing, Digital Excellence drives sales results that sustain strong brand recall, beyond the ad. We combine several techniques, including search engine marketing and advertising, to get your brand in front of your ideal customers at just the right moment. Our multi-pronged strategies, not only promote your products over one campaign, but just as importantly, enhance your brand’s visibility and impact. The result: Repeat buyers turned loyal customers turned brand evangelists. 

What We Offer

Search Ads

We gain maximum exposure for your brand through pay-per-click and cost-per-click ads that work.

Product Listing Ads

We create PLAs that hold the attention of your best customers, all without breaking the bank.

Mobile Ads

The future of marketing is mobile, which is why we pay special attention to the most ubiquitous of devices.







How We Make Your Every Ad Spend Count

  1. Strategic Keyword Selection
    Which keywords do buyers use to find products like yours? With those top terms inserted in your website content, and in a way that is contextually relevant, we can make it even easier for search engines to rank you.
  2. Submission to Search Engines and Directories
    Once your website has been optimised, search engines need to know right away that it’s good and ready to be crawled. We use the latest tools to do this automatically, to get you sooner on Page 1 of Google.
  3. Building Inbound Links
    Work some inbound links into your website content and search engine spiders will soon come crawling. We find popular and relevant sites to link to your site and start to establish those rank-boosting connections.
  4. Cross-Device Optimisation
    The average consumer owns multiple gadgets and will seamlessly switch between them. How do you know which ones to optimise for? We focus on the top three – tablet, mobile, and desktop – to make attribution analysis across multiple touch points more accurate.
  5. Measurement and Tracking
    Optimising for SEM is hardly a one-time exercise. To achieve and sustain success, we constantly monitor your website, beef it up with new and keyword-rich content, and continue to build inbound links with other sites..

Meet Our Satisfied Clients

“Digital Excellence is a strong partner who manages to simplify what we consider to be gibberish. Our sales and business are growing steadily every week thanks to Digital Excellence. They have my warmest recommendations.”

– Eric Thürmer, Danish Tools

“As part of our marketing objectives, it is critically important that we continuously work on improving the effectiveness of our online campaigns. Digital Excellence understands our needs and provides us with stellar professional display creatives that give us branding consistency and incremental performance uplifts.”

– Thomas Røhr Kristiansen,

“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter and Digital Excellence for two years now. They have helped in organising and developing our AdWords campaigns in the US and Sweden. We have seen a rise of 170% in CTR during this period. With our offline conversion tracking setup, we can now connect our online marketing costs with the revenue our sales team is driving and have full transparency of our return on ad-spend. Working with Peter is always inspiring. He is a great soundboard and he sees opportunities instead of barrriers. I can highly recommend Peter and Digital Excellence.”

– Lea Kerff Tjellesen, Pronestor

“I would like to extend my warmest recommendations to Peter and Digital Excellence. I have worked closely with Peter and his team to better reap the benefits of our online strategy. + We now have a set up that can easily be scaled back and forth according to what marketing objectives we have at specific times. We have seen solid results and can hereby highly recommend working Peter on online strategy and performance solutions for other startups and other companies with specific requirements.”

– Valerio Sandri, Minbildinbil

“Digital Excellence is a great partner. They always take the extra time to explain how things are working and what we can do ourselves to improve our webpage. They have optimized our online sale and given us the tools to be even more present online. We trust in Digital Excellence to always deliver the best result and give them our highest recommendations!”

— Charlotte Sundsvald Christensen, Rejsecenter Norge

“Digital Excellence knows how to scale revenue while optimising ROI. And that growth is getting better and better the more we work with Peter and his team. Always at the cutting edge of digital marketing, making sure we take advantage of the highest revenue generating strategies, we owe a significant part of our internationalisation and growth velocity to Peter’s Digital Excellence.”

— Lasse. Nielsen RackBuddy

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