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We set up a top-notch satellite team in Europe, optimising international e-commerce campaigns across Google platforms and turning successful clients into an automatic referral engine.

When the world caught on to the power of paid marketing a few years later, we had already set the stage for the post-Adwords wave. As experts in alternative platforms, from Bing to Google Shopping and social media, we solved the e-commerce multi-channel marketing challenges for our clients in a virtually hands-free way, giving them time to focus on what they do best.

In the next phase of Digital Excellence we are diving even deeper into data with an end-to-end platform that turns spreadsheets into into a streamlined marketing machine, leaving no revenue opportunity untapped.

As fast as the marketing landscape changes, our values stay the same. We put data at the heart of each campaign. We eliminate fluff to focus on what works. We consistently generate outsized results for our clients. And with this approach, have grown the business beyond what we thought possible in 2013.

And we’re just getting started.


A marketing world where smart data is in the driver’s seat.


We help companies build a strategic digital marketing system that pulls data from all your online touch points into a transparent, optimised and scalable technology stack, so that you can make smart decisions in real time and unlock your hidden ROI.

The Digital Excellence Team

Peter Crone, Chief Executive Officer

To see how the best in digital master their domain on a global level, I joined Google’s marketing strategy team, managing a 10 million dollar quarterly budget for our portfolio companies including Danske Bank, Nordea and other global industry leading corporations. Driven by a mission to turn Google’s wealth of marketing automation, data management and digital campaign orchestration insights into a tool for businesses to accelerate their financial success, I put on my entrepreneurial hat 6 years ago to start Digital Excellence. And I haven’t looked back.

Rasmus Crone Nørgaard
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Henrik Rasmussen
Senior SEO Specialist

Jun Kai Tan
Data Specialist

Alex López

Álvaro Vila

Allan Vincentz
Senior Ecommerce Strategic Advisor

Tamara Popovic
Digital Marketing Specialist

Christian Birkholm
Business Intelligence Specialist

Ana Moliz
UI & Graphics Designer

Klaus Hermansen

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