Digital Marketing

The foundation of any revenue-generating marketing funnel is a competition-proof digital marketing strategy. Omni-channel from Day 1.

Search Engine Marketing

All companies vie for the top position on a Google search list relevant to their industry. Search engine marketing (SEM) helps companies with just that. Secure your position among the top listings on Google with an online strategy that works.

  • Paid search implementation. Through paid search, your customers are shown the right message at the right time. A paid search strategy that works is one that complements your overall business goals.
  • Real-time tracking. By continuously analysing where there is room for optimisation, your keywords, bids, and landing pages are guaranteed to match your advertising objectives.

Social Media Marketing

More and more companies are beginning to understand the impact of social media on consumers’ buying decisions. Achieve a level of authenticity and transparency online to bring in leads that are ready to connect and engage, and that much closer to making a purchase. Learn more.

  • Facebook marketing. Get a better understanding of the dynamics of real-time brand engagement on the biggest social network, to find that perfect balance between organic content strategies and paid campaigns. Likes, shares, and comments only matter if they drive traffic back to your website.
  • Instagram marketing. No longer just for sharing photos, videos, and stories, Instagram is now a formidable platform for engagement. Raise brand awareness among a young demographic of ready buyers.
  • Twitter marketing. Create buzz around new product initiatives, boost your brand using multimedia messages, collect real-time intelligence with social listening, and ultimately generate good sales performance – all in 140 characters or less.

Display Marketing

From display networks to affiliate networks, text and images to video, there is a growing number of options in today’s media landscape to reach narrowly segmented audiences. Whether it’s CPM or CPC that works better for your metrics, you can maximise your reach with the right display marketing strategy.

  • Media planning. Laser-focus your campaigns on the right audience, with the right keywords and placements. Get closer to perfect results with continuous A/B testing.
  • Contextual targeting. Target your campaigns only to relevant audiences. Today’s display technologies can reach even to the most niche of viewers, based on lifestyle, interests, or even behaviour.
  • Retargeting. Do you manage a bricks-and-mortar presence and an online storefront at the same time? Re-marketing to your multichannel customers guarantees more conversions in less time.
  • Click data monitoring. Optimise your campaigns and pull out negative placements as quickly as the system can flag them.

Video Marketing

YouTube boasts more than one billion users, two billion logged-in users per month, and one billion hours of viewing every day. And yet, it is just one of the many platforms that is ripe for video marketing inception.

  • Video optimisation. Even your video content can be optimised to land on top of search engine results. Success on YouTube makes success on Google that much easier.
  • Video advertising. Viewers practically expect to see ads when watching online videos. Be featured in clips that complement your brand and get a leg up on your competition.
  • Video re-marketing. YouTube is more than just a video platform; it’s also a widely used search engine. Integrating YouTube into your Google Ads strategy instantly expands your re-marketing base.


Conversion Rate Analysis

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) helps reduce the number of visits required to convert a lead into a sale. Get a better handle on your budget for paid traffic and drive down your cost per acquisition.

  • Goal-driven website analysis. Your online traffic may appear high at first look, but what else is lurking under the surface? Get an in-depth analysis of your data that measures performance against purpose.
  • Clarified next-step metrics. Based on initial analysis, gain clarity into how you can improve customer experience to speed up the flow of your online conversions.
  • A/B testing. If something doesn’t help with conversion, it doesn’t belong on your website. Leverage A/B testing and multivariate testing techniques, to try small experiments and find out what truly works with your online visitors.

Product Feed Management

A well-managed product data feed is the first step towards a successful multichannel strategy. Push out updated information to your target audience, regardless of where they are – from marketplaces and social networks to paid search affiliates and price comparison websites.

  • Product feed setup. With a complete and accurate feed, your target consumers receive all the necessary information at the right time.
  • Custom channel distribution. Compatibility is assured across platforms, from open source to custom-made, to suit your marketing needs.
  • Complete monitoring. Minimised disruptions like errors and downtime guarantee the flow of traffic to your site and in turn sales.


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