Internationalisation through paid search performance – the Rackbuddy case study

Danish interior design brand Rackbuddy builds and sells clothes racks, not just to meet personal storage needs, but as stylish furniture that reflect the unique tastes of individual homeowners. The e-commerce rocket ship from Copenhagen has been expanding aggressively worldwide – 25 key markets in just three years – and chose Digital Excellence as their exclusive partner in their internationalisation bid.

Rackbuddy Case Study


Rackbuddy’s first mission for Digital Excellence was to penetrate the German market – the company’s first foray outside of Denmark. This made perfect business sense, given that the team spoke the language, but more important, because Germany promised massive market potential in paid search.

Sales picked up quickly on both paid search (Google and Bing) and Google Shopping. Soon, we expanded the campaign, adding into the mix more display-oriented sales/engagement retargeting campaigns, as well as dynamic product ads on social media, such as retargeting and lookalikes.

Our approach has always been to get the lower funnel activities to work first, and then deliver on middle and top funnel engagement. By focusing mainly on gaining a high return on ad spend (ROAS) in the early goings, we are able to quickly move on to expansion of sales and finally, optimisation of overall engagement with the Rackbuddy brand. As a result, we are able to drive down the cost per sale on our lower funnel campaigns.

What did we achieve


Transaction Revenue


Achievements and next steps

By focusing on growing sales in the lower funnel and going steadily up the funnel, in one year alone, Digital Excellence has helped Rackbuddy to triple overall sales, grow direct sales, and keep its ROAS numbers high.

Replicating the same successful formula, the Danish company will continue to expand into new markets in 2020. Commencing sales on Amazon is also on to-do for the company.

We also extend insourcing services, from web development to content creation, allowing Rackbuddy greater flexibility while still retaining in-house its core.

Lasse Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer


Digital Excellence knows how to scale revenue while optimising ROI. And that growth is getting better and better the more we work with Peter and his team. Always at the cutting edge of digital marketing, making sure we take advantage of the highest revenue generating strategies, we owe a significant part of our internationalisation and growth velocity to Peter’s Digital Excellence.

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