It was early 2019 when Google informed advertisers about a new feature they are preparing in which Google Ads automatically makes changes to the ad account. Apparently, an advertiser needed to opt-out of the program, but then, nothing happened. That is, until you learned that your account was one of the “lucky” ones that found their way into this program. 

In addition, some of the signals you might have picked up would be:

  • An increased ad spend
  • Lack of result, i.e. drop in sales and conversions
  • Campaigns being limited by budget
  • New completely irrelevant keywords on your account (and hundreds of them)
  • Your bids going wild
  • New ads
  • New extensions
  • Completely messed up the structure you’ve been building
  • And may more

Long story short, it would be as if you let your child play with the account and then worse. 

That being said, It’s really hard to connect these changes to Google’s AI because they would go completely against everything they’ve been teaching you to do. 

If you read more about this topic on Google Ads Support pages, you will learn that:

“The Recommendations page looks at your account’s performance history, your campaign settings, and trends across Google to automatically generate recommendations that could improve your performance.”

However, based on our experience, this beta testing is far from perfect, and no agency should guide their clients through the process. 

At this point, you can auto-apply the following features:

Google Support explained this feature as a time saver, and you can read more about it on their web page. But, even though time efficiency could be appealing, you should be aware that Google lacks the context. So your account will be a playing ground for Google’s team during this feature’s development that could take years.

Google has once again proven that no AI can replace a human factor. Some of the recommendations are a no brainer. Of course we encourage you to create the recommended number of ads, and we suggest you should always include extensions in order to occupy as much space as possible. But, we would highly recommend that you think twice before you apply any of the Keyword recommendations.

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