In a modern business market as competitive as today’s, time is of the essence. And since everyone has access to almost the same technological tools, the only thing differentiating successful businesses from the unsuccessful ones is how efficiently they allocate their time across their operations. 

Businesses operating in the area of modern e-commerce require constant upkeep. At times, it can be extremely difficult for your marketing team to commit to such repetitive tasks 24/7. This is where marketing automation comes into play and lifts most of the workload from your shoulders, and in some situations, make even better decisions than you yourself would.

To help you cut through all this competition, we’ve put together a list of some of the most powerful and common marketing automation tools that can be complete life-savers and can help improve the efficiency of your marketing team exponentially.

All-in-One Marketing Automation

All-in-one automation tools offer multiple marketing management services and allow you to handle everything from one place. Not only does this make everything more convenient for you, but also allows you to cut down costs since you don’t have to pay for each service individually.


HubSpot tops the category of everything-under-one-roof kind of tools since it is extremely powerful, highly intuitive, and offers almost everything there is to marketing automation. 

With its easy-to-use user interface, it helps you optimise your workflow and requires minimum effort from the marketers or advertisers operating it. Some of the main features of HubSpot include Content Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Email Marketing, and Real-Time Analytics.

The best part about HubSpot is that once you’ve set it up, you can also integrate it with any other software you were previously using and share reports and statistics across platforms without having to manually enter the data. 

There are 3 different pricing plans, allowing you to easily find a package that best fits both your budget and needs. If there was one tool to replace all other marketing automation tools, it would most definitely be HubSpot.

Email Marketing

These tools allow you to build, track, and execute automated email campaigns. You can set up triggers as well as track opened, read, and replied emails sent through the campaigns. 

These tools come in handy when there are thousands of people to be emailed while you also need to keep track of the stats. Here are some of the best email marketing tools that help you do just that. is a popular tool used by data-driven e-commerce businesses to send highly-personalized messages to their contact lists. Most users love the flexibility it offers while still being an easy-to-set-up tool with a simple, yet robust interface.’s customer service is also top-notch, and the company caters to any feedback you might have about the tool. The main features include market segmentation, A/B testing, drip campaigns, dynamic contents, event triggering emails, and analytics. It can also integrate with HubSpot if that’s what you’re looking for, all for a very reasonable price point.


This one is a relatively cheaper alternative to and can be the perfect choice for small businesses, advertisers, and marketers who lack the capital to invest in more expensive tools. 

But don’t let the price tag deceive you; Automizy is at par with some of the most expensive tools and has all the features expected from an email marketing software. It also supports HubSpot integration and can be the perfect addition to your HubSpot setup.

CRM Automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays an important role in the conversion funnel and can be very helpful in remarketing activities. Here are some CRM software you can use to automate your customer relationship management.

Infusionsoft by Keap

With its all-in-one CRM functionalities, Infusionsoft can be a bang for your buck. It is basically an auto-pilot marketing tool that can do multiple things in addition to CRM. The software is not the easiest to use and the learning curve can be steep for some, but is definitely worth the trade-off for the personalisation it provides.


OroCRM is a slightly more expensive tool that is best for mid-sized or larger businesses. The most common features include Document Storage Check, Email Marketing, Internal Chat Integration, Mobile Access, Quotes/Proposals Generation, and Segmentation. One of the features that is highly valued by its users is its social media integration.

Advertising Automation

These tools take care of the advertising side and help you automate your paid ad campaigns. They can be very useful because running paid campaigns is pretty hard, and if you’re not skilled enough, you can end up losing a lot of money without earning any return on investments.


AdRoll is another reasonably-priced tool used by some of the leading companies in the world. It makes putting an ad campaign together an easy task and looks over everything that comes after the execution as well. You can design ad campaigns, automate bidding on keywords, and roll out campaigns using this powerful, yet easy-to-use advertising automation tool.


Revealbot has a paid version and a free version, which offers lesser functionalities but can be very useful for organisations unable to afford expensive software. This is particularly useful in scaling Facebook ads and automating ad reporting functions. Getting your hands on this one is sure to take your business advertising to new heights.


Ready to step up your advertising game? Every single one of the tools listed here has proven its utility, as proven by the level of user uptake. Which ones have you integrated into your own business? Let’s have a chat about how you can outperform the competition by adopting marketing automation into your daily operations.

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