Digital Marketing Strategy

The foundation of any revenue-generating marketing funnel is a competition-proof digital marketing strategy. Omni-channel from Day 1.

What is digital marketing strategy today?


Digital marketing strategy is a technical exercise that encompasses all aspects related to selling and promoting your products or service online. From buying the right traffic to making sure that all value is captured in touchpoints along the way to securing the sale or online lead generation in your CRM system.

We approach digital marketing strategy by measuring all parts in the marketing funnel and at the same time embrace new ideas like the Flywheel from our friends at Hubspot.


Flywheel: Being relevant in all stages around the customer


Customers are real people and it’s not just relevant to have a strict sales funnel approach. There’s loads of re-buys that come from being customer friendly and to cut out a marketing strategy that includes all relevant parts and stages around the customer.

Today there is a technological barrier for companies to achieve a fully integrated marketing approach towards existing and potential customers.

At Digital Excellence, we are partnering up with the largest tech platforms to deliver streamless marketing communication to our clients’ customers.


Our Marketing Partners

Google Ads

One of the most effective ways to see the increase in revenue and leads is through Google. This is where we excel. Due to more than 10 years of experience in strategic planning, A/B testing, and hands-on operations we are able to offer the best set of services tailored for your business needs.


Facebook Ads

With more than 2.7 billion users, Facebook is a place to be. All you need is a strong partner along your side. Our extensive testing on the platform made us confident to structure your accounts in a cost-efficient way that will help you expand your business and audiences.

Amazon Ads

Being a part of an elite group of Amazon Professionals and years of hands-on optimization brought us a deep understanding of the platform and its opportunities. Invest smart where it matters.

Take a meticulous approach to your marketing process


Share your business model with us, so our digital marketing professionals can identify your pain points and opportunities. 


We will deliver a custom-made plan based on the proven strategy that will structure your accounts the right way and skyrocket your business.


Once you have a standardized and lean system, your data will be constantly analyzed and improved.

What can you expect?


Our certified experts will work directly with you when setting goals and expectations. We will then create a custom plan based on your business’ needs and start the implementation. We like to keep our customers up-to-date with the progress, so you can expect regular reports and insights which will be further used for your accounts improvements. 


Once your accounts are aligned with the proven strategies we’ve been developing over the years, you can expect the results to follow up shortly. Unleash the hidden potential and start generating more sales or leads while keeping ROAS and ROI at enviable levels. 

We are proud to share our clients’ impressions while collaborating with us.


Case Studies

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