Google Shopping implementation increased revenue by 331%

Vårdväskan (or Color4care) started in 2011 with its first design: a custom-designed bag for health practitioners. Since then, the company has expanded its product range into work uniforms that, like its line of bags, are functional but also interesting and colourful.


Despite competing with more established B2B organisations, Vårdväskan managed to succeed in disrupting the market and was soon poised to expand internationally. And expand, they did, from being a local seller in Falkenberg, Sweden, into an emerging player in five other European markets. Their marketing team decided then to increase their investment in online advertising, to be able to secure their position.


Digital Excellence was always a valued partner for Vårdväskan, having handled their campaigns up until the company decided to insource the work. But as the e-commerce firm expanded their markets and grew their business, so did the effort and time needed to internally manage all their online advertising needs.

Because they handled the entire breadth of functions, it was not possible for the marketing team to dedicate resources to monitor ad performance and, as a result, Vårdväskan was soon missing out on revenue opportunities, particularly in their Google Shopping placements.


Having expertise in Google Shopping, Digital Excellence was confident that they could turn things around for Vardvaskan’s campaigns. For best results, they implemented a multi-pronged strategy:


  • Predictive bidding. Bidding and sculpting go hand in hand. particularly at the product level. With this in mind. Digital Excellence reviewed the YOY data, like on absolute impression share and regular impression share, By correlating trends, they were able to Identify the search engine results pages (SERPs) that promised the best RDAS.


  • Double structure in Google Shopping. Digital Excellence knew to exploit recent developments unique to Europe that allowed multiple Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs) to place Google Shopping ads on behalf of merchants. With a query sculpting strategy already in place, they fine-tuned the existing setup and more important, applied an advanced extension on a new CSS layered structure to further amplify results.


  •  Pricing benchmarks. Digital Excellence tracked results on several key variables, including price. When necessary. they took a prudent approach to advertising the more expensive products, unless results were particularly encouraging.



As a result of the multi-pronged scheme executed by Digital Excellence, Vardvaskan saw increases YOY in revenue (up 331%) and ROAS (UP IN 52%), plus a drop of 28% in CPA.










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