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Is There Life After Cookies?

Remember when the Internet was new, and banners and popups ruled the online real estate? Their job was easy: grab attention and earn clicks. Nowadays, brands need to try a little harder and spend a lot more to win a conversion.

And it’s about to get even more challenging as we enter the cookie-less age of advertising. But for Digital Excellence, all this is an opportunity to find new and creative ways to grow brand awareness and increase your ad revenues.

What We Offer

Google Specialisation

Our Founders are ex-Google and boast a
solid track record in e-commerce. This gives
us an instant advantage over other
digital marketing agencies

Advertising Track Record

We have years of exposure in executing
on global campaigns, from SEO to Shopping to GDN, working with some of the world’s biggest online brands. 

Data-Driven Approach

We monitor your impressions, clicks, and
conversions, to gauge the success of your
campaigns and fight the onset of ad
blindness among your targets.







The Future of Retail Marketing is Visual

  1. Planning and Budgeting
    New to display marketing? What was the search demand for your most recent campaigns? No reason not to follow that benchmark for your display needs, but we deliberately manage your ads to drive down cost per lead, which is one of the key advantages of display over search ads!
  2. Multiple Marketing Channels
    What’s better? SEO or PPC advertising? Display ads or search ads? Why choose between one or the other, when you can implement several strategies at the same time? We shape your campaign around your immediate brand objectives and utilise the tools that can give you the best reach, the most clicks, and highest conversion rates.
  3. Contextual Targeting
    Grab attention with the perfect combination of copy and design, making it easier later to drive leads to your landing page and ultimately into your pipeline. We implement tried-and-tested display marketing strategies, to bring your brand to a highly-specific audience where they will likely be highly receptive to your messages.
  4. In-Market Audience Targeting Strategy
    Who is in the market for your products right now? We aim your display ads at shoppers likely to be most interested in your offerings, based on their past purchases, ad clicks, search habits, and online behaviour. For best results, we combine this with a Remarketing strategy, further reducing your ad spending.
  5. Remarketing
    What places do your best customers usually frequent? This is one of the more preferred applications of display marketing. We put out a display ad in the channels you usually frequent, to jog the shopper’s memory on what they wanted to buy from you in the first place.

Meet Our Satisfied Clients

“Digital Excellence is a strong partner who manages to simplify what we consider to be gibberish. Our sales and business are growing steadily every week thanks to Digital Excellence. They have my warmest recommendations.”

– Eric Thürmer, Danish Tools

“As part of our marketing objectives, it is critically important that we continuously work on improving the effectiveness of our online campaigns. Digital Excellence understands our needs and provides us with stellar professional display creatives that give us branding consistency and incremental performance uplifts.”

– Thomas Røhr Kristiansen,

I have had the pleasure of working with Peter and Digital Excellence for two years now. They have helped in organising and developing our AdWords campaigns in the US and Sweden. We have seen a rise of 170% in CTR during this period. With our offline conversion tracking setup, we can now connect our online marketing costs with the revenue our sales team is driving and have full transparency of our return on ad-spend. Working with Peter is always inspiring. He is a great soundboard and he sees opportunities instead of barrriers. I can highly recommend Peter and Digital Excellence.

Lea Kerff Tjellesen, Pronestor

I would like to extend my warmest recommendations to Peter and Digital Excellence. I have worked closely with Peter and his team to better reap the benefits of our online strategy. + We now have a set up that can easily be scaled back and forth according to what marketing objectives we have at specific times. We have seen solid results and can hereby highly recommend working Peter on online strategy and performance solutions for other startups and other companies with specific requirements.

Valerio Sandri, Minbildinbil

“Digital Excellence is a great partner. They always take the extra time to explain how things are working and what we can do ourselves to improve our webpage. They have optimized our online sale and given us the tools to be even more present online. We trust in Digital Excellence to always deliver the best result and give them our highest recommendations!”

— Charlotte Sundsvald Christensen, Rejsecenter Norge

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