Web Analytics

Web analytics, what and why

Web analytics is about measuring and analyzing data and behavior of visitors to your website.
This is valuable data that should always be used as the pivotal point when making improvements to
the website and/or making ​​optimizations on online advertising campaigns.

  • Web analytics is a tool that provide answers to the following questions :
  • What channels generate traffic to the website?
  • How the users behavior are on the web and on my website?
  • Is my website sufficiently user-friendly and intuitive setup?
  • What is the value of traffic and conversions on the website?
  • What can practically be done to improve the user experience and the profits on the site?

At Digital Excellence we believe that knowledge of web analytics is a key parameter in the management of online marketing campaigns. We have as a principle a policy that we must have access to your web analytics in order to be able to adapt your efforts to make it as efficient as possible and create the greatest possible profit.

In an agreement with our customers, we are continually providing reports based on our data analyzes and presents specific recommendations based on these.

To create effective web analytics it is essential that your company has a fully functional analysis tool. We recommend Google Analytics, which is free and covers most needs to which the business has. In Digital Excellence we have strong capabilities in this area and we can advise you in relation to setup or handle the entire setup for you.

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