Lowering adspend through proper conversion tracking

Founded in 2002, Wallcann is an Australian-owned family business that specialises in sellinginverters, power converters, and compression wear. The company services clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada, both on its online facility and through physical outlets.

For years, Wallcann handled all their digital marketing in-house but as the business grew, staying on top of all active campaigns became increasingly complex. As they saw return on ad spend (ROAS) decline and cost per conversion increase in 2017, they found a fresh set of eyes in Digital Excellence.


Looking at the data, Digital Excellence found that Wallcann was not tracking their sales conversions separately from engagement conversions. As a result, they aimed optimisation at nonsales-specific conversions, which then delivered inaccurate results.

Digital Excellence corrected this by instituting proper revenue tracking and optimising online campaigns only towards sales. We then revamped all ongoing campaigns on both normal search and Google Shopping.

Achievements and next steps

In one year alone, Digital Excellence helped Wallcann more than double their revenue and transactions for paid search. With reduced ad spend as a result, ROAS value also skyrocketed. We will continue to monitor their data and identify even more ways to lower their advertising costs.

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