Twitter as an advertising platform

Twitter is growing rapidly. 400 million tweets are posted each day and most of the traffic comes from mobile devices. In fact, 60% of all traffic from mobiles and 50% of Twitter’s revenue grew from there. It’s in a fine balance with the Twitter platform which is based on short and precise communication with people who follows the crowd. This communication is easy for Twitter users to comment on and share with their own follow crowd . Ellen DeGeneres found out, to the Oscars how you could beat most records in social marketing and how to create large ripples in the water. Ellen got so much retweets – users who shared her message to their followers – and thereby created the attention and commitment related to the Oscar party.

Depending on the marketing goal Twitter used to engage, communicate and get in touch with the users, customers and stakeholders in the market that can boost your brand and ultimately generate good sales performance .
Twitter is known for being a great partner to create buzz around new product initiatives and messages. In addition, advertising of specific “now-and-here” offers, can generate snowball effects, that you can see on the bottom line. In particular, retailers have taken advantage of opportunities, both to create awareness about product launches, but equally to sales in the store.
It’s not just advertising section that creates success on Twitter. Besides promoted accounts, promoted tweets and trends, as well as the opportunity to use sophisticated targeting and retargeting solutions, should you as the company, take part in a conversation with the users. You should know the advantage and disadvantages of retweet content from around the industry, using favorite tweets, attach photo or video as well as efficient use of hashtags

We in Digital Excellence, are ready to help you with:

  • Create a suitable Twitter strategy.
  • Define the type of communication that is fit for purpose.
  • Set up specific communication and marketing campaigns.
  • Measuring at the incoming results.
  • Optimizing the ongoing campaigns.
  • Analyze the next options.

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