In Digital Excellence our work revolve around data. That is why tracking user behaviour and collecting data is so important for our business. In fact it is so important to us that we have assigned resources to this particular area.

Our product specialists and engineers working this area are experts in every corner of webanalytics, remarketing, conversion tracking etc. And they need to be, because otherwise we run the risk of measuring invalid data or not measuring on the right KPI’s at all.

What is common for all our clients is that they run a waterproof tracking setup and the first thing we do when onboarding a new client, is to ensure that tracking is in order. But our expertise goes beyond our own client as well. We get numerous consulting requests from non-clients because they too understand the importance of the right tracking set up.

Would you like an inspection of your business’ current setup, please don’t hesitate to reach to us and let us help. Because, only with a proper tracking setup will your data be useful.

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