Capture Seasonal Traffic

Seasonal traffic: Shopping season again? Optimise your website for success – without breaking the bank

Seasonal traffic: Grow Your Seasonal Retail Business

At certain times of the year, consumers will shop ‘til they drop. And with high product demand comes heavy competition for share of wallet. You want a foolproof Google Shopping strategy to capture as much of that traffic and drive it to your e-commerce store.

We will help you build a powerful funnel, to help you find your best customers, manage the massive inflow, and increase category sales. And as you sell your products through each of your channels, you can provide a consistent omni-channel experience for maximum retention.

Seasonal traffic: What We Offer

Ad Campaign Setup

Advertising your products starts with
picking the right set of keywords. For best
results, we use only high-performing
terms that will work for your brand.

Personalised Merchandising

How to match products to shoppers?
We remove the guesswork and use
behavioural and contextual data
analysis on individual prospects.

Shopping SEO

We optimise your ads and product
feeds for Google Shopping, to drive heavy
seasonal traffic towards your website
and away from your competitors.







Turn Seasonal Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers

  1.      Cross-Channel Marketing
    Seasonal traffic can come from practically anywhere. We get each one of your storefronts ready to make a sale, whether by mobile, chatbot, bricks-and-mortar, or whichever channel they might prefer. Never miss a sale again!
  2.      Mobile Optimisation 
    More than 90% of shoppers are using handheld devices for making online purchases. We optimise your mobile channel, so you can capture every single lead that comes through. Anytime, anywhere retail.
  3.      Automated Recommendations
    Why sell just one product when you can combine several into the perfect mix your customer is looking for? From related items to checkout suggestions, we help you use your data to group your SKUs into packages that your prospects can’t resist buying.
  4.      Bidding Strategy
    When running your ad campaign, making the optimal bid is the most important determinant of your ROI. We develop the best bidding strategy on Google Shopping, to let you get the most out of your ad spend.
  5.      Performance Tracking
    Monitor the performance of your ad campaign from start to finish and at key points in between. Making timely tweaks to fine-tune your strategy increases your chances of success, giving you a bigger bank for your buck.

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