Online Display

How Digital Excellence Can Help You

(Teaser) “Online Display Advertising is a very powerful tool if your company wants to get a message out to a specific audience. At Digital Excellence, we have extensive experience  in helping companies identifying specific target audiences and getting the right message across” by:

  • Close dialogues with our customers to identify the important aspects
  • Securing the optimal choice of display network(s)
  • Reaching your goals, whether it is traffic, impressions etc.

We always make it our goal to get your message across to as large a part of your specific target group with your specific message. Regardless whether you are running a small campaign to a niche segment or running a wide scale branding campaign towards several millions, Digital Excellence can assist you in getting there.

What is Online Display Advertising?

Display advertising is an aggregated term for push advertising towards a segment based audience. There are numerous display networks and affiliate networks in the media landscape, and the formats can vary from both text, image banners, video etc. Typically ad space is purchased on a CPM (cost per thousand impression) basis, but some display networks also offers CPC (cost per click) basis.

The great advantage by advertising on display networks is the wide reach you can get. With large reach, you have a good chance of segmenting your target audience into either incredibly narrow and specific audiences or choosing a wider approach and do regular mass targeting. Regardless of the size of your company and your marketing budget, there are clear advantages of being present with Online Display Advertising.

In Digital Excellence, we have extensive experience with various display networks, and we therefore feel very confident advising you on what exactly you could get out of advertising on display networks, as well as the actual implementation of your strategies.

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