How Digital Excellence Can Help You

(Teaser) “Being the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing. With is unique features, it offers great possibilities – both in terms of sponsored promotions and ads. In Digital Excellence, we have a great track record for helping companies utilising just these opportunities” by:

  • Identify a specific LinkedIn strategy (both employer branding and sales oriented)
  • Create specific campaigns targeted your segmented audience
  • Analyse and optimise campaigns and company pages

At Digital Excellence, we see LinkedIn as an increasingly important member of the advertising family for B2B customers or companies wanting to focus on employee branding. We always ensure a close dialogue with our customers to be able to create perfect campaigns that matches companies’ overall business strategy.

What Is Advertising On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, and that makes it an interesting platform for many companies to advertise on. Unlike other social networks, the behavior of LinkedIn is clearly influenced by the fact that people are there in a professional context. With the well-segmented opportunities on LinkedIn, companies have a very strong foundation for successful advertising.

Digital Excellence have a deep experience with configuring, monitoring and optimising LinkedIn campaigns, regardless whether you are searching for an audience with specific experience, special skills, working in specific industries, with a specific seniority or a specific job title.

Due to its professional context, LinkedIn is the natural place to interest and excite potential B2B customers. Moreover, it is the natural place to influence potential new employees. In an increasingly competitive world, the companies with the brightest minds moves a step in front of the competitor, but getting to the right employees can be a tough task. Engaging in employee branding through LinkedIn is therefore a natural step for more and more companies.

At Digital Excellence, we enjoy helping companies succeed on LinkedIn, and no task is too big for us to handle. As long as we know what our customers’ overall strategy is, we can adapt and execute it on LinkedIn.

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