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Conversion Optimization – or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – covers analyses and tests which are behind the improvements in sales and engagement flows on the website. When optimising online flows, fewer visits are needed per transaction or lead. When buying traffic, this means fewer paid clicks will result in online success and ultimately your cost per acquisition decreases.

We have gained our experience working with companies in Denmark and Europe who spends the most money on paid searches.

We have provided analyses to companies with multi million revenues that have improved their conversion rates by up to 47 % without changing the conversion type, but only through the suggestions for improvement to their websites. This has a direct impact on the cost per conversion that can transform most branding budgets to sales budgets.

At Digital Excellence, we provide you with:

  • Analysis of website performance relative to the primary purpose of the website
  • Systematic approach to user experience and conversion funnels
  • Clear recommendations for improvement to websites in relation to the desired outcome
  • Clear recommendations for improvement to the purchase flow and user experience
  • Tests setups, A/B testing and multivariate testing for ongoing analyses and improvements.

Do I have a good conversion rate?

Good conversion rates always depends on what one measures. There is a difference between whether you want the user to download a mobile app or make direct purchases in your store. There is also a difference whether you measure the overall conversion rate of your website or if you measure the conversion rate for the channels in where you choose to advertise: paid search, organic search, social media, other websites and referrals, emails and direct traffic to your website. So in order to know whether you have something that works for you, you need to dig into your data!

Things you need to ask yourself about your website:

  1. Do you find it difficult seeing the next obvious step in your advertising that has a definite effect on your return?
  2. Are improvements to the purchase flow on the website being reviewed 1-2 times a year?
  3. Is A/B testing and multivariate testing examples of analytical methods which you rarely see or hear your web department use?
  4. Do you rarely or never give economic incentives to your web department in order for them to improve the conversion rates on the site?
  5. Is advertising on mobile devices expensive and is it hard to figure out how the advertising flow from this platform can be made profitable?

If the answer is yes or true to a few of the questions above then there is a good chance that there is much to be gained by analyzing how well the site is to meet the expensive purchased traffic.

If you think there is a chance your website is not fully up to speed within this field, then reach out to us today and find out what we can do for you.

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