Crack the Code of Google Shopping Bid Management

Are you wondering what Google bid management options are right for your business?

Bid Management to Boost Performance in Less Time

  1.      Analytics Audit
    Google Analytics is an important tool to keep on hand, if you want to properly track results, but also to plan your bidding moves. As we consider any bid adjustments, we perform an analytics audit, so you can make informed decisions.
  2.      Attribution Modeling
    We uncover the trends in your best-performing keywords and develop an attribution model for all the terms that will be used in your campaign. This way, we can help you allocate the right budget to the right keywords, and make every advertising dollar count.
  3.      Smart Audience Targeting
    The campaigns we set up aim at only your best segments, wherever they may be placed in your funnel. For example, customers who are already aware of your brand should require less effort to convert, and we take advantage of that opportunity.
  4.      Multiple Campaigns
    Every campaign has its own set of goals that are unique to your business needs. For best results, we develop multiple campaigns based on your performance targets and switch between them as often as necessary.
  5.      Real-Time Tracking and Reporting
    We apprise you of progress via regular reports, even real-time updates, if necessary. By doing so, we can incorporate your feedback as we make adjustments in your bids and campaigns.

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