Adwords API

Solution for an online sport streaming company

A client in the online sport streaming industry is pushing adwords campaigns for every single sport event across multiple sports, accounts, and websites. This results in hundreds of unique campaigns per week.

To cope with these volumes, the client has created a system that can automatically generate unique Ad- words campaigns for each event.


The system they built were limited and underperformed on every A/B test between manually generated campaigns and system generated campaigns. The challenge for the client was to sacrifice either scalability or performance.


The client teamed up with Digital Excellence in order to develop an advanced system upgrade that would improve the existing system so it could compete on par with manually generated campaigns without compromising scalability.


    Digital Excellence spent 2 months on testing and analyzing data, and identified key feature upgrades that would improve the system. The solution was translated into new system specifications and presented to the client before finally developed and implemented.


    The effect of implementing the new upgrade.

    The client and Digital Excellence ran several A/B tests between manually generated campaigns and those generated by the system and found very small and insignificant discrepancies in terms of performance.

    However and not surprisingly, a staggering difference was measured in terms of time spent on building campaigns.


    Client reference

    “Digital Excellence conducted a two month project where they, based on initial analysis and testing, combined the quality from manually created campaigns with the scalability from the our original API system, and made a system that did not only save us more than 45 hours of manual”

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