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Danish brand Rackbuddy has been expanding aggressively worldwide – 25 key markets in just three years – and partnered with Digital Excellence in their first foray outside of Denmark. The target was the German market, which promised massive market potential in paid search. Sales picked up quickly on both paid search and Google Shopping, followed by retargeting campaigns and dynamic product ads on social media.

Digital Excellence was able to generate quick results by focusing first on building lower funnel sales, in order to gain a high return on ad spend (ROAS) before moving up the funnel. Because of this strategy, cost per sale went down significantly on the initial lower funnel campaigns. Thanks to the successful partnership to open up the German market, Digital Excellence is also now working with Rackbuddy as they move into Norway, The Netherlands, and other new territories.

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Swedish bespoke manufacturer Vårdväskan quickly grew their business, as they expanded into other markets. While they realised the value of online advertising for a multinational operation, they could not dedicate a team on this function alone. Soon, Vårdväskan started missing out on key revenue opportunities.

Digital Excellence implemented a multi-pronged strategy, which allowed the client to get the most out of their Google Shopping placements. As a result, Vårdväskan saw their revenues increase by more than 300%.

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MyTrendyPhone.com is one of the biggest online retailers in Europe, selling accessories for mobile devices to buyers in 12 key markets. With 85% of their sales and attributional sales coming from paid search, MyTrendyPhone.com required the assistance of Digital Excellence, in order to be visible on Google Search and Google Shopping.

Working with a multi-million EUR annual online marketing budget, the job of Digital Excellence is to structure and execute an acquisition strategy across 45,000 products in MyTrendyPhone.com’s active markets. In order to manage an inventory of this size, Digital Excellence developed a product matrix strategy that will accommodate product diversifications, not only according to type but also margins, sales volume, and popularity. As a result, MyTrendyPhone.com is able to achieve the desired return and optimal sales volume, based on a given competitive scenario for each of its markets.

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Wallcann is an Australian-owned family business that specialises in selling inverters, power converters, and compression wear. They ship their products within Australia and all the way to North America. Managing their digital marketing campaigns in-house up until 2017, Wallcann saw their return on ad spend (ROAS) decline and cost per conversion increase, and so, they sought out Digital Excellence for assistance.

One of the initial findings was that Wallcann was not tracking their sales conversions separately from engagement conversions, which then generated inaccurate results. Digital Excellence introduced a strategy that successfully optimised online campaigns only towards sales and as a result, in the first year alone of the partnership, Wallcann was able to more than double their revenue and transactions for paid search.

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During peak wine season in 2012/13, wine maker and online supplier Vinmager.DK invested in a paid search campaign, in order to boost sales and overall profitability. Digital Excellence evaluated their existing account structure and tweaked it to make the results more visible.

Thanks to Digital Excellence’s Audit-Plan-Run work process, the Vinmager.DK website saw a 75% increase in both overall transactions and revenue, 9.3x greater return on new campaign ad spend,  and 57.47% rise in CTR.

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Privately owned BB-Hotels runs 10 establishments in Denmark. Amidst increasing competition, the self-service chain of hotels wanted to expand their presence online and get more out of their paid search investment. Failure to adapt to the ever-changing needs of clients is simply not an option in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the hospitality industry.

Digital Excellence helped BB-Hotels identify new KPIs and CPA, in order to make their PPC campaign more profitable. Over just two months, BB-Hotels’ CTR grew by more than 250%, hotel bookings doubled in number, and CPA decreased by 85%.

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Adwords API Solution

An online sport streaming business wanted to push Adwords campaigns for individual events across different sports. This meant multiple accounts and websites, and hundreds of unique promotions per week. To cope with the volume, the client cobbled together a system that would generate unique Adwords campaigns per event. This was not a scalable solution.

Digital Excellence upgraded the existing system, without compromising quality or scalability. Within two months, the business saw CTR grow by 67% and conversion rate by 69%, all without having to raise CPC. This saved the client 45 hours of admin time.

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